The worst thing on earth to experience in a relationship is disappointment. And most human beings are pretty damned disappointing.

Like Eric. What a disappointment. After spending the last 6 months together, I thought that he was pretty awesome. But after he fucked some girl he met last week, and then came out to take me to dinner… I just don’t think he’s all that. In fact…. I think he’s a pretty big idiot. After spending time with me and having a great time, he just let it slip out that he had slept with someone else. I can understand getting caught because your friends are stupid and they accidentally told… but how can you accidentally tell on yourself?!

And if you are trying to get the girl back… the general rule of thumb is… SAY SORRY. Unilateral apologies… right?? Clearly he was never privy to common sense because he refused to admit he was wrong, He refused to acknowledge that he hurt my feelings until I told him to fuck off.

And you know, when the girl gives you two days to say sorry and you still can’t spit it out… It’s too far gone so even saying sorry isn’t going to redeem you. Getting on your damned knees and begging for redemption isn’t even going to help. But he didn’t even have the common sense to plead his case.

Disappointment Scale from 1-10 (10 being the kind of disappointment you felt when you found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real) Eric ranks a solid 6.5. Mitigated by my own stupidity for having thought he was better.



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