Gyno Visits

So this morning I went to the gyno for my annual check up. And since I hate waiting at the doctors I always make my appointments at completely absurd hours of the morning so I’m the first person and I don’t have to wait so much. I was scheduled for 8:00am. 

And gyno exams are never comfortable, let alone at 8:00am on a Monday when you’ve realized that you haven’t shaved, waxed, or done anything of the sort. Not to mention the nurse mentions that the Doc is going to have a med student to “observe” with her. Fucking kidding me? I’m ass naked with my knees apart and you want the Doc and her little minion poking around down there for the sake of medical learning??? FUCK NO. 

You know what I also want to point out? That doctors ask retarded questions. I mean, the gyno is retarded awkward to begin with, but then she’s gotta go off and go…. Is this uncomfortable?

Newsflash lady, NO. It’s not. You just had me strip naked, stick my feet in stirrups and expose all my nether regions to you, the nurse, AND that fucking hideous troll of a med student. (Knock knock… take a shower med student. You’re a walking poster for bad hygiene!) And then you stick a cold as ice metal speculum up my vagina. And scroll it open so you can look at my cervix…. and then you wanna know “Is this comfortable?!” No. And in what universe would you ever have someone say “YES. This is comfortable?”

Fucking weird ass questions.




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