Best Invention: Google Voice

Ladies (men too) the best invention in the last ten years to affect my dating life is Google Voice. You can have a local number to forward to your real number, and screen calls accordingly. Seriously. It’s genius. You can even set up a separate voicemail that goes with that phone number.

I have three. (I don’t know if you’re allowed to… but I definitely do have 3). One… I use for all those stupid things that ask “Could we have a number for this?” and one I have for those people that I’m not sure I want to be friends with…. and the last one? The last number is my favorite. Ruthless I know, but I give this one to those weirdos that you really never want to talk to ever again, but you have to be polite to their face so you give them your number anyway. This is my reject number… only personalized to me. It used to say “You’ve reach Emila’s reject line, I obviously gave you this number because I found you boring. But, thank you for calling and good luck.” But I was told that it was pretty rude… so I changed it to something generic. Blah blah blah. 


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