Married. Merde.

Last year I went on vacation and made out with a married man.

I had a weensy bit to drink, and by that I mean I egged everyone in the immediate bar area to do two tequila shots with me. Then two bottles of tequila later I had made friends with every single person at the bar. I had the time of my life chatting with everyone there and laughing about random little things. At one point, one of the boys hoisted me on his lap, leaned me over and gave me one of the most spine tingling kisses ever. It was one of those incredibly hot kisses where you are completely vulnerable and the boy has got complete control. It’s just. so. hot. We got some rowdy cheers from my new best friends.

The next day? Ran into the same group of rowdy boys, and noticed immediately that the boy that made me want to take all my clothes off was very regrettably wearing a wedding ring. Good thing my better sense prevailed the night before and it ended with that spine tingling kiss.

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