Putting A Ring On it…

I got out of a pretty shitty relationship a while back, and when I bitched about how it was such a huge mistake to my friend, she reminded me: There are no mistakes, only experiences that change you. Do those zen approaches to life ever help? Because the whole Cam experience only brought out the violent person in me that wanted to beat the bastard (with a bat).

Anyway, Cam and I had met in September, and within a few weeks he had given me the keys to his apartment and told me he wanted to marry me. For Christmas he purchased what he called a “promise” that he would buy me a better ring and we’d live happily ever after. Crazy right? But the fairytale loving sap in me thought this was my whirlwind romance. I thought that maybe this was what it was supposed to be like. After all, Cam spent tons of time with me, doted on my every move, and spent every single dime he could on me.

What I didn’t realize back then was that all the money he poured onto me and the time that he wanted to spend with me was his way of manipulating me and his way of controlling what I was doing. His obsessive need to know what I was doing soon got out of control. He would get upset whenever I made a decision on my own, and then badger me into whatever he wanted to do.

The moral of Cam? Do not trust the boy that obsesses immediately and refuses to let you out of his sight. Cam and boys like him have the crazy “i love you so much, i’m going to lock you in the basement so we can be together forever” kind of psychotic love.



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