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So most of the time I don’t bother reading the news because I’m really involved in myself, and I find it unhelpful to care about other people’s problems.

But I recently read this article about the controversy about Ralph Lauren manufacturing the Olympian uniforms in China… I mean. Listen America, did you all just realize that stuff is made in China???? Even US flags are manufactured in China…. when that happened where was the outcry? Are we all being a little bit sensitive because we have nothing better to do? Or is it because we are just a teensy jealous that Ralph is making the uniforms?

The paper, the pen, the chair that our dear President currently sits on is most likely made in China. In fact, you whiners complaining about things made in China, can you do me a favor? Go check the tags on ALL of your stuff in your immediate area. If you find more than 5 different things made in the United States, let me know and I’ll give you a gold sticker for supporting commerce in the United States.

Find something better to bitch about… something that doesn’t make you sound like SUCH a hypocrite.


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