They Are Everywhere

I don’t often comment on newsworthy tragedy, but after the non-stop barrage of horrible and senseless acts of violence in the U.S., I feel the need to comment. I steadfastly maintain that we must all focus on the good and the beautiful so that the darkness doesn’t overcome us, but I also believe that we must be aware of all of the terrible that does happen, and work with diligence to eradicate the type of violence that is sick, twisted, and simply unacceptable.

Today was an example of the kind of violence that is so  sick, twisted, and unacceptable that I am angry. I am angry that some awful human being broke apart the happiness of the Boston Marathon simply because they wanted to. I am aghast that they killed a child, just 8 years old. A baby. They killed others, who didn’t deserve such a cruel and sickening end. They hurt and mutilated hundreds of people for what reason? Just because? Whatever their reason… today, terrorists attacked. And before anyone jumps on me about classifying anyone as a terrorist… I will remind you that a terrorist is anyone. A terrorist is anyone who finds it in themselves to commit crimes against humanity by treating human life with careless disregard and maliciousness. So yes. I mean it when I say today the terrorists attacked.

That is all I have to say on the subject. My thoughts, prayers, and good wishes are with anyone affected by this tragedy. And, I hope that whoever committed this crime feels the incredible and crushing weight of hopelessness and desolation for the rest of their miserable lives.




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