At the End

I think Andrew Carnegie had it right… he left this earth having given all of his earthly possessions away. I’ve been thinking a lot about death and what happens to our things at the end, which I suppose is pretty morbid for a 20-something year old… but as life continues on, our loved ones pass and it becomes a chore to discuss who gets what.

It’s a little gross to think of how to chop up the pieces of someone’s life so the people who are left behind can have it. I’d like to think I could leave behind a beautiful legacy for my family… but I’d also to hate to think about my loved ones fighting for stupid things like money, possessions, and things that matter so little.

Anyway – this is the little things that kick around in my head. What’s the best way to handle all of that? Maybe to just give it all away and cherish the memories, instead of the material goods.

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