Everyone is competitive in their own way. Me? I’m competitive in all sorts of weird places. Like… running at a local path? I make a good faith effort to pass every single person in front of me… I just have to.

But there is a point to where being competitive is really a downfall. Yesterday, I went for a run. There was a man in front of me running, and as always, I set my sights on passing him. So bop bop bop, I passed him and continued to keep up the pace. I think of these “passing” episodes as my fartleks (a.k.a. interval running). Anyway, a few minutes later, I hear huffing and puffing behind me and pounding steps. The man I passed, passes me. I can tell he is passing me at great physical expense, he is red and struggling. But nonetheless some competitive part of him must have needed to pass me too. I mean… I TOTALLY get it.

Well… 500 meters later, I see this man bent over on the side of the running path vomiting his guts out. Poor guy… he just overdid it. And, it happens.

There isn’t a moral to this story… it was just an observation on the competitive nature that we all have inside ourselves and how we push ourselves… sometimes too much.

Right-o. Have a great Monday!! And to all those runners, outdoor worker-outers… keep hydrated, electrolyte balanced, and fueled up. Be safe!

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