This Whole Paula Deen Bullshit

I don’t really read the news or bother with these celebrity bullshit life stories… but this one? This one is really getting on my last nerve.

I mean seriously… She’s obviously a sucky human being, but all of these allegations? She exercised her right to the freedom of speech. Yeah… she exercised it in an offensive, stupid, and really hurtful way.

Also. Can I please point out that for the most part, these crappy things that she did, she did in private. Now. YOU… YOU think about what you say and do in private… is all of the stuff that you do in private nice? Would everyone still like you if they knew exactly what you were thinking or saying or doing??

So. For all those people who are crucifying Paula Deen, maybe you want to consider what you do in private and how that would reflect on you in the public sphere.

This doesn’t mean I agree with ANYTHING she said or has done… I’m just saying everyone needs to CHILL THE FUCK OUT and relax. She’s a sucky person… and Oh my GOD… does she actually do anything that affects anyone in any way important? She makes Krispy Creme Bread Pudding people…. it’s not like she has any REAL impact on the world.

I mean. Seriously.

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