Nope. I’m out.

Last week, my friends and I were having brunch and we talked about fun weekend plans. One of my friends talked about Coachella and EDC, discussing how she and some of her friends had planned on saving money to attend both of these events. Another chimed in that she was saving money for a concert… and I remained uncharacteristically quiet for someone who always has something to say.

My friends then erupted into laughter, saying “These kinds of things are your NIGHTMARE, aren’t they?” And you want to know something? They absolutely are.

I just don’t like being squished. I can handle being squished in a bar for a couple hours, drinking, and hollering lyrics… but at the end of the night. I go home to MY home, MY bed, and MY things so I can go about my neurotic bedtime ritual of washing, cleaning, and showering the rest of the day away, getting into fresh pajamas and passing out. I have a neurotic little ritual that involves a lot of clean water and my own space to flop down and sleep.

So. Like I said, I don’t mind being squished for a little bit, but extended stays in these kinds of situations are not my type of thing. I hate the idea of using a porta-potty for a couple days and not being able to shower and soap up. I hate the idea of being squished outdoors with other hot and sweaty people bumping into me… I just don’t like the idea of any of it.

So when I laughed and said I had in fact turned down all-expenses paid invitations to Coachella and EDC because the idea of these kinds of events just wore on my nerves, my friends looked at me again and told me I was not the normal 20-something year old enjoying life.

But see… here is the thing. While I dislike those rave-y kind of things, I am actually enjoying every minute of my existence. I just simply choose to enjoy it in ways that fulfill my needs. If I were to force myself into a music festival simply because my friends enjoy it, I would be miserable and out a ton of money that I could spend on other things.

So. Nope. I’m out on the things that don’t make me happy… or things that make me cringe at the mere thought.

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