Being Late vs. Post-Ponement

I have a general aversion to the term “being late.” I think individuals who appear late for appointments or other engagements are irresponsible and I think it reflects poorly on their character.

But then, what happens when you post-pone an meeting until a time when you CAN be punctual?

This week, I had to reschedule a meeting three times because things just happened. I absolutely could have made time for the meetings, but I would have had to either be late or cut the meeting short… both behaviors I find distasteful. So I rescheduled, because in my mind, it was better to be on time and unhurried.

However… I’m sure there are people that feel the opposite. I know that my first boyfriend from a million years ago used to say that so long as he showed up, that was good enough. Needless to say, my insistence for punctuality and disdain for lateness contributed to our break up. I still don’t understand how someone can always be late to any type of meeting. Like… how?!?!?!

Anyway… what are your thoughts? Are you a “just be there” person or a “will be on time or not at all” person like me?


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