Being the “Other” One

Cate recently discovered that her current prince charming is not so charming after all. Charming is apparently a bit of a snake and Cate is his girlfriend on the side. In fact, Charming has 2 children and has been happily married for 14 years. He’ll celebrate his 15 year wedding anniversary with his wife the weekend before Charming and Cate celebrate their 2 year long term relationship.

Understandably Cate is pretty pissed off, but she is still planning on celebrating their 2 year anniversary.

I wonder about Cate. This is not her first married man, and I imagine not her last. A couple years ago she was involved with yet another married man who had 3 kids and had been happily (well… kinda) married for 15 years. She told me that before that she was involved with a man who was engaged to someone else.

Let me be clear… I am not passing judgment at all. I just wonder. I’ve been hit on by my fair share of married or otherwise attached men… but their unavailability makes them unattractive to me. I simply don’t find them the least bit attractive because of that overriding factor of being married. However, I’m told that some people don’t consider this an issue.

How? Why? What?

Explain this to me!

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