On Trying

My family and I made the trip to Korea in October to say good bye to my Grandfather. Despite the unhappy circumstances, my mother told us that we must try to be happy and remember all of the good. She took us shopping and sightseeing, and even in her heartbroken state she managed to smile at all of the beautiful things around us.

It was really a lesson in “trying.” I noticed most of all that the women in Korea “try” a great deal more than those that I know in the US. Most are dressed impeccably and made up perfectly. I didn’t see a single person that wasn’t “dressed.” Here in the States, you see a lot of bedraggled mothers, and college students roaming the stores in sweats, PJs, flipflops, and other less than attractive gear… but not a single passed my sight on the streets of Seoul. For those of us who travel, our choice in gear is yoga pants, floppy shirts, and comfortable sneakers… not the case even at the bus depot first thing in the morning.

Anyway, I have been making much more of an effort every single day since. I think that the outward appearance of being put together also helps one stay on point in other aspects of life also.

You know what I’ve learned about trying? It takes a great deal of effort.

That is all… I bet you thought this was going to be some thought provoking write up… but it’s not. I’m staring at a pile of dry cleaning and a giant mound of laundry from my efforts of trying. Now… where to get fur cleaned?


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