Schedules and Spontaneity

I am a schedule person. I like to know what is going to happen next. I like making plans. I like booking flights. I like knowing things in advance. Last minute plans drive me insane, and I’m disinclined to make time for people who make last minute plans that interrupt mine. I spent the time to make my plans… and if YOU can’t then I simply don’t have time.

My family is extremely trying because their lack of planning. Plane tickets are purchased days before flights, plans are made the morning of, and they don’t communicate… so I find myself haranguing people for their plans and their schedules so I can work things out. It drives me insane.

This week has been especially trying because one of my sisters has decided to be difficult and enrage my parents… She’s escaping in a day to spend time in Europe with her boyfriend, against my parents’ wishes. She’s an adult, but I have never felt the need to actively hurt my parents when they ask me not to do something. When they question my actions, I simply stop because it has never been worth the fight to me.

But, I’m sitting here on Christmas Day and I’m angry beyond belief. I never disobeyed my parents, and now that one of my sisters has decided to throw everything into chaos, I’m sitting holding the bag. My parents are angry and I have to hear all the angry words… even when they aren’t mad at me. I wonder if I could just be that hurtful… sometimes I wish I did because maybe I’d be less angry right now.

Anyway, on this bitter and angry note, I will wish everyone a happy Christmas. I hope that the time you spend with your families is filled with good things and cheer.


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