Timothy, the Annoying Tinder Match

Timothy…. you annoying piece of shit.

Dear old (no seriously, he’s old) Timothy messaged me on Tinder, and after a couple back and forth questions and hilarity he gave me his number. We texted back and forth. He asked to meet, but I had a crazy schedule so it didn’t work out the first week we chatted. Then he asked again, but our schedules didn’t sync. I ignored him for a little, and then he guilted me one afternoon about not making time to hang out… it was cute so I texted back with days I was free. We settled on Sunday afternoon so we could wander around in the sunshine and enjoy the weather.

A few days beforehand, I texted to confirm and he came back with “Let’s play it by ear.” And I was instantly irritated, not because it sounds like I’m getting blown off… but also because he was the one that had insisted on planning to meet. So I said “Make solid plans with me, or I’m out. I don’t like the playing it by ear idea.” And his response, “Can’t commit.”

What. The. FUCK?!

After guilt tripping me about not meeting, and then telling me “I’ll work with your schedule, I just want to meet you” …. I don’t even have a response other than… What. The. FUCK happened?! 


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