Tinder Date #1 – Chronicles of Hilarity

I signed up for Tinder, you know that dating app, at the end of March. My girl friend recommended it, so on a whim I downloaded the app. After a couple swipes left and right, I started chatting with Ryan. He was nice and answered all my questions. So, when he asked me on a movie date, I said yes.

We agreed on a place to meet, and as I drove up I immediately thought “THIS IS A MISTAKE!” But he had already seen me and waved, so there was no turning back. I said hi, and his immediate response? “You’re SO pretty.”

While I’m a normal girl and I do like when people tell me I’m pretty… I’m also VERY concerned when men only notice that I’m pretty or if they are in complete and utter awe as to how I’m pretty. Ryan? He was like chin on the ground about how pretty he thought I was. I guess I put up unattractive pictures of myself? Or maybe he had never been on a date with an attractive girl? Either way, I was immediately concerned… but we had planned for dinner AND a movie… Oh jesus.

Anyway, long story short – we squeaked through dinner with barely passable food and subpar conversation… The movie was no better and he FELL ASLEEP! The movie ended, and it was then my opportunity to escape! At my car, he made an attempt to kiss me. Too bad he accidentally stepped on my beautiful suede shoes and practically broke my foot.

I limped into my car while he feebly said sorry about stepping on me. He made a couple attempts at reaching out again, but I was too busy icing my foot.

Ryan was sweet and tried really hard, but in the end he was clearly out of his depth. I wish him good luck!


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