Dating Multiple People – My Thoughts

A couple years ago, I started dating Eric. He was charming, hilarious, and a breath of fresh air after I had gotten out of a serious and tumultuous relationship.

When we met Eric was dating two other girls. He told me that his theory was that if you dated multiple people that you’d find the one you like the best. He later told me that dating multiple girls normally made the girls try harder for his attention since he told each of the girls he dated that he dated other girls too. It’s true because I felt competition for his time, I tried harder to capture his attention. Long story short… I tried hard, he dumped the other girls because I was his favorite out of the bunch…. but by then I was bored with trying so hard so I had started to date other people. Catastrophic, I tell you.

Recently, I’ve been dipping my toe into dating and let me tell you… holy crap. It’s hard to keep everyone straight. I know that partially due to the fact that I use online dating apps, but the sheer volume of dates that I have had is exhausting. The follow up dates are even harder because I have to study up on what I’ve already told them and refresh my memory with who they are. I’m tempted to break out a notebook and spreadsheet to keep it all straight.

It has been an interesting month of multiple dates a week… but I think I might be close to tapping out. I don’t know if I found one person I like spending time with, but I’m positive I’m TIRED.

This dating this is exhausting!


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