I know……

Today, as I was walking to get lunch, two men walked past me and one of them turned as he passed and sleazily announced to his friend what he would like to do to me. I didn’t catch the whole statement but it was a filthy and disgusting comment to make in the street and to a virtual stranger.

I am no stranger to sleazy comments like these, or regular comments about my appearance. I have had comments that are as inane as “you’re pretty” to specific commentary on my appearance or the downright disgusting like the man from today.

Whether the comment is revolting or not, I am still annoyed and aggravated by the comments about my appearance. Why, you ask? Because it is unwarranted, unnecessary and completely rude.

I am well aware of what I look like. I wake up every single morning and look in the mirror. I see this face every single day. I know.

And every morning I put the clothing and accessories on that I want, so I know what I look like. Thank you very much.

My friend Lisa LOVES these comments no matter how sleazy because she says they make her feel beautiful.

Comments about my appearance PISS me off. I know what I look like and so does everyone who bothers to look. Most importantly I know that there is more to me than my physical appearance so I hate when the conversation has anything to do with just my appearance.

So. Yes. I know what I look like. What else do you have to say? Where is the sparkling conversation?


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