My Promise To Myself

It’s the New Year. 2015. Who knew that this is where I would be in 2015… but I am thankful for every trying, difficult, and heart breaking minute over the last year. This was the year that I accomplished the two things I wanted the most – to pass the bar exam and to get a full time job. I hate my job, but nonetheless I accomplished my goal.

I think I cried more in 2014 than I have in my entire life… I cried a lot and discovered that deep down inside that I am insecure about a lot of things. I’m good at putting a face on, but I am insecure. And… I’m shockingly lazy when I want to be… like the kind of lazy that I used to abhor.

Anyway – here we are 2015. Hello.

This is the year that I try harder… I work harder, I chase my goals harder, and do everything harder. This is the year that I give it my all… I let all the heartbreak wash away and chase what I want. This is the year of ME. 2012 was the year of everyone else. 2013 was the year of sadness and anger. 2014 was the year of small and incremental improvements. 2015 will be the year of chasing what I want.

I promise to look back only to remember and appreciate all the things that happened to make me stronger.

I promise to look forward and forget the negativity from the past.

I promise to smile every day and remember every single beautiful thing I have in my life.

I promise to be true to myself and those I love.

I promise to love more

I promise to live more… to let go once in a while and breathe

I promise to let go of resentment and anger – because it warps my smile, and kills my spirit. I will let it go.

I promise to love myself… even when it is so hard because I feel disappointment

I promise to stay healthy, and focus on my well being. I promise never to take my health for granted

I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise all the good things.

So. Hello 2015. Let’s be friends.


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