We Broke Up

And I feel free.

I think a lot of it had to do with me, more than him. Our timing has always been shit – and I think it was a relief to know that we are finally on the same page. It was the most civil break up I have had. I cried a little, I was scared to let go… but in the end I am happy I did. I’m happy that we will be friends, and we had a civil end to our relationship.

I’m sad, because we tried so hard and because I wanted it to work so badly. But… I’m also happy knowing that I’m not holding him back and I’m not holding myself back because of him.

It’s a weird mix of emotion – but I am happy and free.

I truly, truly wish him all the best in life and the future. I hope he gets everything he ever hoped for and more. I hope for all good things for me… and all the good things for myself too.

Maybe this is part of being a mature person… or maybe we just understand each other. Either way. Happy.


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