Monthly Archives: May 2015

When I look at you

Sometimes, when I look at you, I’m surprised. I wonder – who am I, and why am I here, with you?

This weekend, I brought you along to see my college friends, and they loved you. They were impressed with you, and how sweet you are with me. Ben, my long time friend, gave me the thumbs up with you…. and later that night when I was lying next to you, I just kept thinking “Do I love you? Do I even like you as much as everyone else seems to?”

I think I like the idea of you – you’re sweet, smart, and everything I like in a man… but maybe you just aren’t that man. So… when I look at you, I wonder. What is happening? Why am I here? and…. most of all – do I love you?

Someone told me that if I don’t know, then I don’t – and maybe that is true. But until I’m sure, and until you tell me otherwise… I will be here looking at you and searching my soul.