Monthly Archives: January 2016

Letting Go and Giving Up

Eric and I have been friends going on 4 years now… he is one of the few friends that I can tell you the exact time, place, and moment we became friends. And we have been fast friend since the moment we met.

He and I are both in between jobs right now, and we’ve been talking about finding the motivation and drive to move forward in our lives. He told me that his dream was to always find someone to travel the entire world with… and if he couldn’t have that person, he would just want to travel the globe.

The converse is true for me, I think…. I want to travel the whole world and see everything.┬áBut if I didn’t get to, and at the end of my life I was still holding hands with the love of my life and we lived a good life together, I don’t think I’d have a single regret.

It was weird to say that out loud… even weirder to type it out here… as if it makes it more true or real.