Words and Such

I think this goes without saying… but please do not plagiarize. All of the writing, words, ideas and other nonsense I write about are the product of my hyperactive brain and therefore belong to me and my blog. I don’t think we need to get all legal on each other… this is a blogging community where we share our ideas and give each other shit for each others’ crazy ideas… so let’s be cool. Let’s make this a place where you and I can have dialogue… talk about ideas, dating stories, and whatever else comes up.

If you do feel the overwhelming urge to use any of the writing here, please email me at kaprise@gmail.com and we can talk about it like adults. I think I’m pretty cool… so let’s talk!

In the same vein, I strongly encourage you to comment and give me your honest (and snarky) opinions. I love it. Let’s talk!!!


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